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Posted 10/16/18 / Enrollment in 2019 Healthcare Policies Offered by Washington Health Benefit Exchange Begins Nov. 1
Posted 6/26/18 / Washington Premiums Could Rise Between 1% and 29% for Washington Obamacare in 2019
Posted 6/15/18 / Special Circumstances May Let You Qualify for Health Coverage
Posted 5/29/18 / Losing Health Insurance Could Make You Eligible for New Coverage
Posted 5/25/18 / Changes in Household or Location Can Qualify You for Special Enrollment
Posted 4/10/18 / “Short-Term Gap” in Health Coverage-Can-Help-Avoid Tax Penalty
Posted 4/3/18 / No Health Coverage? Here’s How Your Tax Penalty Will Be Calculated
Posted 3/27/18 / The Bad - and the Good - of High-Deductible Health Plans
Posted 3/5/18 / Help and Resources for Filing Your Taxes
Posted 3/1/18 / A Refresher on Your Coverage Basics
Posted 2/26/18 / Keeping Your Coverage Up to Date
Posted 2/19/18 / The ABCs of Tax Form 1095
Posted 2/15/18 / More Answers About Form 1095-A
Posted 2/13/18 / Form 1095-A and Tax Credits
Posted 2/9/18 / Washington Healthplanfinder Closes Open Enrollment with New Record
Posted 2/6/18 / Completing a 1095-A Correction Request Form
Posted 2/1/18 / Affordable Care Act for American Indians and Alaska Natives
Posted 1/18/18 / Why am I not getting tax credits on the Health Exchange?
Posted 1/15/18 / Washington Health Exchange Offers Small-Business Health Coverage to Existing Users
Posted 1/12/18 / Getting Financial Help Paying for Your Washington Health Exchange Insurance
Posted 1/8/18 / Washington Healthplanfinder Sees Enrollment Continue to Increase
Posted 1/2/18 / Frequently Asked Questions for Customers of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange
Posted 11/30/17 / Qualifying for a Special Enrollment Period
Posted 11/27/17 / What Immigrants Should Know Before Applying to 2018 Washington Health Exchange
Posted 11/15/17 / Washington Exchange 2018 Health Insurance Coverage Offered by County
Posted 11/13/17 / Enrollment with Washington Health Benefit Exchange Soars
Posted 11/9/17 / Submitting Additional Documents to Prove Eligibility for Exchange Insurance Coverage
Posted 11/6/17 / Free Preventive Care Benefits for Adults Covered by the Washington Exchange
Posted 11/3/17 / Shopping for an Insurance Plan
Posted 10/30/17 / Reporting a Change in Your Income, Health Coverage or Household
Posted 10/27/17 / Reporting Your Income
Posted 10/24/17 / Applying for Medical Insurance with The Washington Health Plan Finder
Posted 10/19/17 / Washington Health Benefit Exchange Coverage for Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Posted 10/16/17 / Five Ways You Can Get Health Insurance Coverage in Your 20s
Posted 10/9/17 / Health Benefits That All Insurance Plans Must Cover
Posted 10/5/17 / Key Deadlines for Your 2018 Open Enrollment
Posted 4/3/17 / Why Should I Care What the EOB Says?
Posted 3/20/17 / The Most Common Health Insurance Terms Explained
Posted 3/9/17 / Common Health Insurance Questions
Posted 2/21/17 / Understanding The Difference Between HMO and PPO Plans
Posted 11/1/16 / Open Enrollment for 2017 Has Begun
Posted 10/25/16 / Open Enrollment: What You Need To Know
Posted 8/30/16 / Carrier Exits and Coverage in 2017 – Should you be worried?
Posted 8/24/16 / WashingtonHealthPlanFinder losing statewide United Healthcare Small Business plans as of 1-1-17