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Enrollment in 2019 Healthcare Policies Offered by Washington Health Benefit Exchange Begins Nov. 1

Rates for healthcare insurance premiums offered by the Washington Health Benefit Exchange will increase on average by 13.8 percent for 2019, according to the Exchange. Open enrollment for the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, also known as Obamacare, begins Nov. 1 and ends Dec. 15, 2019.

The Exchange will offer plans in every county, and 92 percent of customers can choose from two or more carriers. “Because plans and rates change every year,” said Pam MacEwan, CEO of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, “it continues to be crucial that customers take time to shop before selecting coverage.”

A total of 40 qualified health plans and six qualified dental plans have been approved.

All health insurance plans cover essential services, such as doctor and emergency room, prescriptions, maternity care and preventive car, protecting policyholders from large medical bills in the event of accident or major illness.

The Exchange is the only place where residents can obtain tax credits that lower the cost of their coverage. In 2018, more than 115,000 residents have received financial assistance based on their income. The following shows the income thresholds that applied for 2018:

Premium Tax Credit Eligibility

Persons in Household

Annual Income Under

1 $48,240
2 $64,960
3 $81,680
4 $98,400


Enrollment through the Washington Single Payer Plan, called Apple Health (Medicaid) is offered year-round to individuals and families for those who qualify. Customers enrolled in Apple Health will receive a notice of 60 days before the month they enrolled in or renewed their coverage last year.

The following lists the names of health and dental plans and the counties where they will be available:

Health Insurance

Qualified Dental Plans for Individuals and Families

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